Friday, 24 May 2013

Knitted iPad Mini Cover With Swedish Fish

Last week I treated myself to an iPad Mini after a very long wait. I've never had an Apple product and don't even own a smartphone, so this was a big leap - and I love it!

Trying to keep the cost down as much as possible, I did not get a cover for my gadget and have now decided to knit one. Why spend money on a cover if I can knit one? I have three skeins of King Cole Cottonsoft in ecru, cherry and mint that will work perfectly. 
I've decided to use the Swedish fish pattern that I have also used on socks before. The background colour is ecru, which is basically the same shade as undyed wool. The fish will be knitted in alternating colours row by row. I must admit that I made the mistake of having the fish face the wrong way on the second row, so now the pattern isn't the way I had planned, but there you go. Now there are two rows of fish facing one way while the next two face the other way. I don't feel like knitting back to fix the second row even though I should.

Once the knitting is done, I want to sew a proper lining, possibly with batting as well to cushion the iPad. I am looking forward to it being done so that I can use it!

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