Friday, 17 May 2013

Etsy Update: Stitch Marker Sets, Row Counters and Mini Scissors

It was time for something new! I've added tow stitch marker sets that each comes with a row counter and a decorative mini scissors charm. 
The stitch markers consist of red beads of faceted glass, a heart charm and nylon-coated tiger tail wire. This way, the markers won't damage your needles and will slip along easily with your stitches. The row counters can also slipped onto your needles like a stitch marker, which I always find very helpful when using circular needles. The mini scissors are decorative only and not entirely functional, but they look cute with their protective covering and little lanyard.

There are two different sets available right now: set 1 has smaller stitch markers while set 2 consists of larger, round beads.

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