Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Behind the Scenes: Pretzels Stitch Markers

Having grown up in Germany for the greater part of my youth, it's no surprise I occasionally miss some of the food now that I've moved to the UK. Something I wish I could get in Bath is a traditional soft German pretzel. Or even a pretzel roll! While studying for my A-levels/baccalaureate in Laubach, I used to go pick up a pretzel roll during lunch break, enjoying a stroll into town and hurrying back just in time for my next class. It is a lovely place to go for walks: there's an old castle that is still inhabited by the descendents of the Earl of Solms-Laubach, spa gardens, cobbled streets and timberframed houses in the old town centre.
(Image: Peter Grahlmann)

There are quite a few recipes on the web for all sorts of homemade pretzels, but few are anything like the real thing, sadly.
 (Pretzel roll/Laugenbrötchen)

So I started making my own pretzels, albeit out of polymer clay and unfortunately inedible. But for now they'll just have to do until my next visit to Germany when I will once again feel compelled to go into every decent bakery to ask for the real thing.


  1. lovely idea for stitch markers. I saw pretzels being made when the Hairy bikers were in Germany. Maybe I could find some authentic ones in London.

  2. Success! Using google I have found several German bakeries in London so next time I am up there I will look for them.

  3. Die Brezel sind ja super! Beautyfull prezels!