Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Spinning Up a Camel

After a long winter break from spinning, I recently finished my seaweed yarn and have now started with 50g of baby camel and silk sliver bought at Wonderwool last year, using my Russian supported spindle. I first tried spinning it a while back, but the baby camel was just so fine with a short staple length that it didn't go well and I was covered in fibre. Like silk, this camel fibre loves to stick to everything it touches.
Now that I've returned to it, I have decided to try spinning from the fold instead and that did the trick! It is faster, easier and far less messy than before. I still can't control the tickness as well as I should like, but mostly my yarn is quite even. I like it! I also like that it is undyed and the silk gives it a pretty shine too.
I wonder how long it will take me to spin it all up. Earlier I spun all the way through The Hobbit and have barely gone through a fraction of the fibre. Luckily, spinning is all about enjoying the process for me rather than the end result, so it can take as long as it needs.

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