Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Designing Patterns

I seem to be in a pattern designing mood of late and have just begun noting down the bare bones of a ribbed sock pattern. I'm also testing another pattern that I hope to have ready for publication soon.
This one is an old design, actually, that I came up with years ago when I first learned to knit. I didn't write down any details at the time and I hadn't yet discovered things like my favourite type of heel or cuff ribbing. So it seemed like a good time now to sit down and write a decent pattern.
I may need another test knitter though I think the pattern itself is fine. However, I only have enough yarn for one sock and perhaps just a little one at that. That means I can't take pictures of it being worn, which just doesn't seem right. I need more pictures to feature in the actual pattern, after all. A test knitter may be able to help with that. 
But so far, so good. The sock is almost finished, I'm on to the foot now and will BO once I see I am running out of yarn. Or perhaps I will just have to carry on knitting with another yarn and take black and white pictures instead!

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