Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Ally's Feature: Craft Storage Solutions

Ally from Ally's Crafts Crafty Treasures featured crafters in a blog about craft storage solutions. I guess all crafters are keen to see how other people store all their bits and bobs that can easily take over the entire house! There are some great suggestions and ideas - I especially like Alex's plans to turn a whole wall into a black board for organising and brainstorming. Would love to do that too! 

You can also see my Kilner sewing jar that I blogged about previously and read about how I store my things (more of a make-do storage system rather than a solution, to be honest):

Nadia from AbsoKnittingLutely is a spinner, knitter, dyer and general crafter and here's what she told me about here stash!!

 "I have what I call a "warehouse". Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, actually it is just our walk-in closet/storage room where we stuff everything we have no space for. In it I have two large plastic boxes for my yarns and fibre, and two cardboard boxes with finished items in sealed zip-lock bags. And then there is my polymer stash under the coffee table, of course, and the stationary next to the bed ... ;) It's not easy living in a studio flat with your partner and running a business from home at the same time!

I do have several fancy boxes and jars in which I keep bits and bobs. I love my 1L Kilner jar that I turned into my sewing jar and pin cushion."

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