Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Behind the Scenes: Beach Hut Stitch Markers

When I was little,my family would often go on holiday to the seaside. Usually, we went to places like France or Italy, and on one memorable occasion we went to Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh. The beach there was full of crabs and I was afraid to walk to the water because of them. That was many years ago now and I have been told that all the crabs have since vanished due to environmental changes, which is very sad.

When I moved to the UK I fell in love with the little colourful beach huts that line the shore. I just like the sight of those cheerful structures, especially on grey days when it feels nothing like summer at all. 
(Shanklin, Isle of Wight)

So of course I had to try my hand at making such huts from polymer clay one day. I miss the beach and this way I will at least have a few beach huts in the home while I wait for the next vacation.
Recreating the wooden panels on the front wasn't enough to make them interesting, though, so I added lifesavers and fish as features. They turned out rather well and I am glad I gave them a try. The huts come in two sizes, attached to a lightweight snagfree ring. Perfect stitch markers for summer knits!


  1. oh wie knuffig, die sind total klasse geworden und die farben gefallen mir richtig gut!

  2. Die sind total super geworden! Schöne Sommerfarben!