Saturday, 23 February 2013

WIP: Beekeeper's Quilt, or: Are We There Yet?

I started on the Beekeeper's Quilt in December 2011, so more than a year has passed since I made the very first hexipuff. More than 160 hexipuffs later, the quilt is almost halfway there. Unless, of course, I make it bigger than the original, which is very likely. 
There is no particular planning behind my choice of yarn, colours or even thickness of the puffs, I have noticed. In fact, I have probably slightly overfilled the puffs for the most part so far and am trying to put a little less filling in them from now on. They are nice and squishy though. The colours vary greatly and the sock yarn I am using consists of my own leftovers as well as other people's. The only thing I am avoiding is anything too brightly coloured that just doesn't go with anything else. 

These most recent puffs have turned out really well, actually. I hadn't expected that when I saw the yarn. I just picked it up because I needed a change of colour to keep me interested in knitting more. So I ended up with puffs that remind me of snowfall (and we currently have the weather to match).
At this point, I have no idea how the whole thing will look once it is done. I haven't laid out all the puffs I have made so far. Before I sew any of them together, I want to have a complete set of hexipuffs, meaning all the ones I need for my quilt. Only then will I decide which ones to group together, if at all. I like the thought of having gradual colour changes, but then again a bit of chaos, lack of control and spontaneity would also be nice. 

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