Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dyeing 2013

I recently bought three skeins of undyed sock yarn to get back into dyeing. I haven't done that for at least half a year, I think, so it was about time. Seeing the sunshine we had earlier this week, I was a bit too optimistic and ended up having to do just what I feared: drying a wet skein in my very cold flat, which takes ages. Ah well.
Still wet and not quite showing its true colours yet

But this skein isn't half bad! I used pink, blue-turquoise and orange here, and there are a few paler spots that should look interesting when knitted up. Once the yarn is dry I will be able to put it in the shop, assuming we will have a sufficiently bright day at some point. Today was very dark. 
My fingers are itching to play with more colours and yarn soon so there may be a few new yarny posts in the near future!

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