Saturday, 2 February 2013

All Askew

Things in life can be topsy-turvy, so what better excuse to knit socks that are all askew? Queue Knitty's Skew socks!
(Image source: Knitty)

They are perfect for my new skein of Dornröschen yarn because they will show off the colour changes really well. I don't normally like knitting with yarns that are too colourful - I much prefer semisolid or solid colourways - so it took me some time to find a suitable pattern. This colour is called "Lachen ist die beste Medizin": Laughter is the Best Medicine.
So far I have learnt how to make a new kind of increase, described in the pattern as LLinc and RLinc which are knitted from stitches in the previous row. I must admit I had to look those up first! I suspect you might just as well use any other type of increase you are most comfortable with, but I was happy to learn something new.
At the moment I am finishing the unusual toe section. I knit it twice because I thought I got it wrong the first time - but I didn't. I am excited to see how these will turn out!


  1. die wolle ist ein traum und die socken werden mit sicherheit genial!

  2. Die Skew sind nicht schwer, wenn man sich haarklein an die Anleitung hält. Ich habe nach Abnleitung für mich (41) den Fuß länger gemacht, aber das war eigentlich nicht nötig gewesen. Sie schlabbern also am Fuß und am Knöchel auch. Vielleicht hilft es dir für dein Weiterstricken :)