Friday, 18 January 2013

Travelling Woodsman: PDF Pattern in Progress

I am currently working the pattern to my Travelling Woodsman fingerless gloves from December. I hope to have a PDF ready as soon as my test knitters are done and can give me feedback. 

This is one of only very times I have actually written down a pattern for others. This one has written instructions and a chart for the design on the back of the glove so there is lots of potential for errors on my part! I hope that whatever may be wrong will be picked up by my test knitters in the process.

I was quite excited to be writing a charted pattern, actually. I like charts. All in all I think the pattern, though not particularly difficult, is best for knitters who have knit gloves before and who are somewhat experienced at least when it comes to reading patterns, simply based on the way I write them. I try to make them as clear as possible, but I sometimes have odd ways of writing things down when it comes to gloves, I think.

We will see how things go.

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