Thursday, 17 January 2013

Rosebud Shawl: Blocking in Progress

The Rosebud shawl is off the needles! Sound the trumpets and spread the word! 
I blocked it over night and it seems to be dry already so I will unpin it in a moment and see how it looks. When the sun comes out again (who knows when in grey old England) I will be able to take more decent photos of the final result. I apologise for the bad quality picture in today's post - it's gloomy over here.

I kept to the original instructions for the pattern, but I did add an additional pattern repeat of chart B because it looked like I had lots of yarn left. In the end I would probably have got away with knitting two additional repeats, so that's good to know for future reference should I ever knit this shawl again. 

Towards the second half of the edging I suddenly had a different stitch count than the chart called for, but I improvised. Since the stitches were the same on both sides of the spine at least it was an even inconsistency. To be honest, you can't tell the difference in the finished shawl, so I'm very happy with it.

You would think I have had enough of shawls for a while, but no: next I intend to knit a shawl of my own design with the skeins of Fyberspates Scrumpious (chunky) that I have had for about three years. They were just too pretty to be used for just anything, but I think I can't possibly have too many shawls. They are keeping me nice and warm this winter.


  1. klasse geworden ♥ den rosebud habe ich auch noch auf meiner liste stehen, mal schauen wann das tuch es auf die nadeln schafft.
    auf dein designtes tuch bin ich jetzt schon gespannt, also ran an die nadeln! ;o)

  2. Ich kann nur sagen: Traumhaft schön :-)