Thursday, 3 January 2013

First Project of 2013: Rosebud Shawl

The first knitting project in 2013 is Rosebud, a shawl by Tincanknits. I have just the right yarn for it too, a hand-dyed laceweight skein from my friend Ela. Rosebud seemed just the right pattern for the yarn, allowing the subtle colour changes to show in each blossom. 
The pattern itself isn't difficult though you do have to watch out for the repeats. The instructions are charted, but they don't mention explicitly how to repeat sections. If you are familiar with lace charts, it won't be much of a problem. There are three different charts, of which only one is repeated, so I expect it will be a straightforward knit. 

I am not sure yet how many repeats of the main body chart I will knit, though it will be at least the minimum 4 repeats. When I finish those, I will have a look at how much yarn is left and go on from there.

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