Sunday, 6 January 2013

Etsy: Beach Huts, Whales and Yarn Dyeing

After a surprisingly good start to the year at AbsoKnittingLutely, I need to come up with some new stitch marker designs and remake some of my previous ones. There are still quite a few in the shop, but I have no more to list in the near future. Next week will therefore be craft week, I think!

My latest additions are whales and new beach huts for your knitting. It may be winter, but it is the perfect time to dream of the summer. I could certainly use some sunshine right about now and I have been yearning for a beach holiday for ages.That might explain the seaside theme here!
In other news, I have decided to make my yarn dyeing a seasonal thing. Considering how cold my flat is in the winter, that is a very sensible thing. Anything that needs drying just takes far too long, so dyeing isn't really an option. So the yarns you find in the shop are the only ones you will find there until the weather improves and it gets warmer. My hands are itching to play with wool and dyes again, so come on spring!

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