Tuesday, 4 December 2012

WIP: Advent Calendar Scarf 2012 - Day 4

Day 4 of the Advent Calendar Scarf KAL is drawing to a close and today's pattern was a nice relaxing change. Somehow I am spending far too long knitting the scarf every day - much longer than I had expected given information from knitters of previous years.

After day 3 I finally took pictures of my scarf. It is made with laceweight yarn, so the design will only come out fully once the scarf is finished and blocked aggressively. At the moment it looks like this:
I am using emerald green beads which don't come through as clearly as I had hoped. Since they have  a silver centre though, they do sparkle. I like that.
I bet Day 5 is already online so I shall go and have a look at it now. Another day of knitting awaits!