Monday, 3 December 2012

No Time This December

In between knitting the Advent calendar scarf (update to follow) and sleeping as if I were a hibernating bear this winter (as every winter), I don't really have time for anything else this month, it seems! So it's a good thing I made new items for my shop recently that I will add in regular intervals when I have a spare moment between knits. I tried my hand at bunnies, whales and Russian dolls for stitch markers that turned out quite well and there will be new necklaces too.

I am so glad I finished all my Christmas preparations so early! Today I bought the duck for our Christmas dinner (it's now in the freezer), I sent off the presents to family and friends abroad, I've put up most of the decorations and the Christmas tree will follow as soon as I figure out exactly where to put my spinning wheel - it is now where the tree normally is. We really do need a bigger flat.

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