Thursday, 27 December 2012

Advent Calendar Scarf 2012: Now Blocking

Now that the Christmas presents are out from under the tree and there is space on the floor again (at least a little bit), it's finally time to block the Advent Calendar Scarf! Earlier today I let it soak for 20-30 minutes which helped a lot to make the individual patterns stand out more. Since it is an absolutely huge scarf, I have folded it in the middle before pinning it onto the blocking mats. 
(This is the most accurate colour.)
Originally, it was my intention to block quite aggressively, but the patterns are clear enough without putting in too much effort, so I simply tried my best to get everything evenly laid out. The dimensions of the scarf are: 18” x 102.5” (46 cm x 262 cm). I know, that's huge!  Can I just say how glad I am to have blocking wires for such a big project?
I am really looking forward to wearing it soon.


  1. It will look awesome! :)
    Hope you had a great christmas!

  2. Hallo Nadja,
    der ist wirklich schön geworden!

    Komm gut ins neue Jahr!

  3. it looks great, i love this green

    warm greetings Janine