Saturday, 29 December 2012

Advent Calendar Scarf 2012: The Final Post

At last the Advent Calendar Scarf is knitted, blocked, dried and ready to wear! Just in time for the spring-like weather and the typical British rain, of course.
I will have to find other ways for wearing the scarf because it is too long for the usual way I wear it, but too short for some other things I have tried. Of course I would want people to be able to see some of the details and I hope I don't stretch the scarf too much so it gets all out of shape and needs another round of blocking already. 
At this point, if I just drape the scarf along my neck, the ends actually touch the floor! All right, I am not particularly tall, so that is no surprise, really.
On the whole I enjoyed this KAL even if the patterns as such were not a challenge and the scarf itself is just a sampler - something I am generally not very fond of. But the great thing about this particular scarf is the idea behind it: knitting something throughout the Advent season to finish on Christmas Eve was a wonderful idea. We all love Advent calendars, and this is a knitter's version. We should have many more of these, perhaps not just scarves, but all sorts of projects. 

Now that the scarf is finished, all participants have a pretty item that will remind them of this time of year. Lots of us now have this scarf, yet not all of them are the same. Some made changes, others made shorter or narrower versions - but the experience we had connects us.

For more details on my scarf, visit my project page on Ravelry here.


  1. Ich liebe solch lange Schals :-)
    liebe Grüße
    und einen guten Rutsch!

  2. Beautiful scarf, Nadia! You are such a hero to make like this one! Very well done! x

  3. Nadia it is a beautiful scarf and great photos too.

  4. Love the scarf and the photos, especially the one with the umbrella :) Nice to see you !!

  5. Toller Schal! Glückwunsch zum Durchhalten.


  6. schick, der tür hängend schauts wie eine tunika aus :)