Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Killing 3: Even More Jumpers

Are you ready for the start of The Killing 3 tonight on BBC 4? I certainly am. I was sad to read that this is going to be the last series. I've enjoyed following Sarah Lund around Denmark and trying to figure out who the killers are. It's been gripping every time and I never really knew for sure who'd done it. Somehow, I even managed to knit while reading subtitles. At one point I even forgot that I don't actually understand Danish and that I'd better get back to read along again.
This is my favourite jumper from the series, though I can't decide if I prefer it in blue or off-white. I am sorely tempted to knit it one day! Maybe I should buy the DVDs one day and just knit the jumper as I am watching all three series. I wonder if I would be done by the end of it all!


  1. Haven't watched any of the series, but have seen mentions of the jumpers in the newspapers. Used to do this kind of knitting, but found it required too much counting for my poor ageing brain! Toy-making is a lot simpler! Would love to see your version sometime: meanwhile, come round to visit me at sometime. No concentration needed there, but hopefully a basinful of fun! All the best. Isobel

  2. Ich les immer nur wieder von der mittlerweile recht ber├╝hmten Sarah Lund, hab aber noch nie was davon gesehen....

  3. Hi Micha, es kann sein, dass die Serie schon viel frueher bei euch lief - zumindest die erste Staffel, denn die ist viel aelter, als ich dachte. Zu uns kam sie erst vor kurzem, lief aber 2007 in Daenemark. Auf deutsch heisst die Serie Kommissarin Lund, soweit ich weiss.