Saturday, 24 November 2012

Polwarth or Not Polwarth? That Is the Question.

At the moment I am doing something for myself again and spinning up a braid of lovely, incredibly soft and silky fibre. Sadly, I do not know what fibre it is! That's a bit annoying. It all got a bit confusing because the fibre I was originally supposed to get got lost in the post twice. The third time it was dispatched, it finally arrived, but since the original order could not be replicated, instead of one merino braid in a particular colourway, I got two very different braids in very different colours. I can't complain though, they feel wonderful. So fine! And the staple length is excellent as well at over 10 cm. I was told that these two braids are something more special than ordered and I suspect they are actually Polwarth. Since I never tried it before, I can't be absolutely sure. 

Yesterday I started spinning up the first braid (the one with the earthy shades) and was very surprised by how wonderfully it spins up. No fuss at all! I am making a fairly fine single to later turn into a 2-ply lace yarn, as usual. It's great not to have to watch your hands all the time and to just spin something up fairly quickly. I am thoroughly enjoying this!

Speaking of spinning, I finally finished spinning up the three randomly dyed merino fibres (a total of 50g) from long ago. I had used dyes that just weren't working for me and had to re-dye them, which unfortunately led to a slightly felted fibre. Spinning it up was horrible and I hated it. I was so glad to get done with it and surprisingly the yarn turned out very well. Especially the turquoise one is very soft against the skin. 
So now I am knitting it up to make a small cowl to sell in the shop. By now I have made more prgress with it and am almost done. I love the herringbone zigzag pattern!
I look forward to seeing it once it's washed and blocked.


  1. Spinning is so relaxing and when you get a lovely fleece even better:) Great colours and stitch pattern:)