Sunday, 11 November 2012

Etsy: Making Jewellery

At the moment I seem to be having a busy creative phase, so while I am knitting the Knotty gloves as a fingerless version to keep me warm in our very cold flat, I am also making jewellery in the evenings.
For the past two nights I have made necklaces and bracelets from a variety of beads including semiprecious stones, glass, the occasional plastic bead, and in one case even polymer clay. They have all turned out really well and I am keen to make more. (The blue bracelet featured above is now available here.)

I am particularly happy with the blue acorn cap necklace made from a real acorn cap and beads. I would like to try and make some more at a later date too. The muffin necklace turned out well too. Originally, the muffin was part of a stitch marker set, but I thought it was too big for anyone to use it in their knitting. As  apiece of fun jewellery it is much nicer. The pink bracelet has a wonderful sound to it: when it moves, the silver hearts sound like little bells. 

Soon I will have to take pictures of the last two bracelets I made in white and natural tones. Making them in the middle of the night meant I had absolutely no light for photos, of course.

Right, now I better get back to knitting those fingerless gloves!


  1. There is nothing like finding a new craft, is there :) Enjoy !

  2. Wow! Einfach superschön geworden!

  3. The muffin and acorn necklace are adorable. I might actually have to buy them both....

  4. Don't let me stop you, Tawnee! I will be adding them to the shop soon.