Monday, 12 November 2012

Etsy: Cosy Chunky Beret

My friend Verena was kind enough to let me use her as a model for my chunky white beret, so we had an improvised photo session in Little Southgate, Bath, while window shopping. It was improvised, though it wasn't meant to be: I warned her I would need to take the pictures and I even remembered to pack the beret (quite an achievement considering I have a brain like a sieve these days), but... I left my camera at home. 
Thanks to the magic of modern mobile phones, however, we managed to take pictures after all. I am glad we did and I am especially happy that Verena agreed to model the beret because it definitely looks better on someone with long hair. My short crop is absolutely pointless for this purpose.

The beret is now available at AbsoKnittingLutely.


  1. Also, ich finde die Mütze toll!!
    Gruß Heike

  2. Danke, Heike! :) Sie steht anderen als mir auch sehr gut. ;)