Friday, 26 October 2012

Shop Update: Mini Muffin Stitch Markers

They were among the top favourites when I first started making them and now they have made it to my shop: little muffin stitch markers! They come in four different flavours (alas, they are not edible): mint, cherry, blueberry and strawberry.
The hardest part is getting the frosting right! Not too thin, not too much all at once. And it's all done by hand since I don't use molds or extruders and the like. These muffins can take quite some time and you'd probably be faster making real muffins in the meantime.
I have recently started using new types of rings for my stitch markers and they are wonderful. Slim, made of silver, and suitable for needles up to at least 7 mm. They are much better than the large plastic rings I had before, and I no longer have to make do with jump rings that can get caught in knitting.


  1. Oh! Those are adorable! I love all your stuff :)

  2. Thank you! I've checked out your blog and look forward to what you will be writing in the future. I am intrigued!