Thursday, 4 October 2012

Metreage? Good question.

It took me over a year to spin, ply, wash and wind this yarn, but now it's done! This is Laal Bear's Corriedale blend that I bought at Fibre Fest. It was a pain to spin, particularly on my tiniest drop spindle, because of all the material in it that just wouldn't do what I wanted it to do half the time. There is Corriedale, silk, sari silk (a bitch to thin out when drafting), and rayon thread. The red sari silk will make any finished item look stunning, I am sure, and I am looking forward to knitting with this 2-ply lace yarn. I have found a fairly simple shawl pattern on Ravelry that should be suitable to show off the yarn itself rather than the pattern. However, it may take some time till I get around to knitting it.

Unfortunately, I forgot to measure the yarn before winding it and I was not going to unwind it again! I could kick myself now. I am guessing the yarn has a metreage of 700-800 m, possibly more considering I spun 150g of this fibre into laceweight yarn. I will just keep knitting till I run out.


  1. Hut ab! Mir würde die Geduld fehlen um ein Jahr daran zu arbeiten :O. Die Farbe sieht aber schon schön aus. Hast du schon eine Idee was daraus werden wird?
    LG Angelika

  2. Hallo Angelika!

    Ich habe an das Pattern Kleks gedacht:

    Nun ist mir aber der Dew Drops Shawl ueber den Weg gelaufen und der gefaellt mir fuer das Garn noch besser:

    Beim letzteren wuerde das Garn besser zur Geltung kommen und ich bin ja sehr drauf gespannt, wie das aussieht mit den roten Farbklecksen dazwischen.

  3. Bin schon gespannt was aus der Wolle wird. Die sieht schön aus.