Thursday, 18 October 2012

Etsy Update: Fishy Stitch Markers

I have a lot of stock waiting to be listed at AbsoKnittingLutely, so I added two sets of stitch markers today. There's something rather fishy about them.
The round fish have been very popular on Ravelry and I sold quite a few of them to friends before I knew it. Now I finally got around to making some for my shop as well and I was once again surprised by how much time it takes to make them. Since I don't use any molds and have to make the tiniest parts by hand, it can take quite a while, but the results are worth it.
The second set of fish markers are new and a much plainer design. They were also fun to make and I love the colour variety.

There are more photos in the shop, so feel free to have a browse.

1 comment:

  1. Die "Dicken" Fische gefallen mir besser. Bei den zweiten musste ich zuerst an Angelköder denken *sorry*