Sunday, 7 October 2012

Baking Snowmen

In the past few days I have tried to come up with new stitch marker ideas, especially Christmas-themed ones for my shop. The only seasonal ones are a set of snowmen and another consisting of Christmas puddings. However, I have also made a new set of maritime stitch markers with a mermaid, starfish, seashell, and crab. There are a few extra fish I might add to it though and a seahorse. Then there is a newly designed set of octopuses, or quintopuses since they only have five legs. Quintopi? Hm, never mind. And finally there is a set of round fish I have made before and which have proved quite popular.

I want to make a few new things too, but will have to see whether making what's in my  head is as easy as it seems at the moment. My fingers might not be up to the task of creating some of these tiny markers, but we'll see.


  1. Die sind ja schön geworden :-)
    Gruß Heike

  2. Auch mit fünf Füßen sind deine Oktopussis total süss. Und auch die anderen MaMas gefallen mir total gut.

  3. Danke! Soeben habe ich alle fertig gemacht und fotografiert. Ich werde sie dann demnaechst hier im Detail zeigen koennen.