Thursday, 11 October 2012

Art and a KAL I Never Took Part In

I am a member of a Random Acts of Kindness group on Ravelry and sometimes people surprise you with unexpected gifts. This group is very generous and there are lovely people who spend ages talking in the chat room and the forum threads. I have been a part of the group almost since its beginning and recently won a competition to create the group's official logo.This is the scanned logo of my drawing before it was digitalised. 
And recently one of the members sent me a surprise gift: the chance to take part in a sock KAL whose theme she thought suited some sock yarn I dyed. The topic was "Whodunit" or "Krimi Socken". Sadly, the theme had nothing to do with crime at all and my 'blood-spattered' yarn didn't go with any of the patterns we would have the chance to knit. So I decided not to take part, which made me feel quite bad since my friend paid for it. 

Lucky for me, the KAL didn't quite go as planned and the designer decided to send every registered participant a free extra pattern. It is a very simple pattern, but actually I liked it and immediately started knitting it with my hand-dyed yarn. The colour makes the pattern hard to see, but I don't mind much. I no longer have a guilt conscience because I didn't take part and am looking forward to finishing the pair. One sock is already finished.
My friend didn't mind my not joining the KAL, knowing there is always a chance with a mystery KAL that you might not like the pattern. I am glad I have this extra pair to show though.


  1. Das Gruppenlogo ist echt schön geworden - Gratualtion!
    Die Sockenkante sieht ja süß aus, ist mal etwas Anderes.
    LG Angelika

  2. Ich versteh ja nix *lol* Aber das Logo kenne ich :-)

    Gruß Heike

  3. Ich find dein Vögelchen immer noch supersüüs und das mit dem KAL ist zwar schade, aber das passiert leider auch hin und wieder.... Ist ja das gleiche mit dem Wichteln. Manchmal geht es auch schief...