Monday, 8 October 2012

A Christmas and Maritime Theme

All the new stitch markers are now varnished and ready to be used. There are 5 sets in total, all packed in little organza bags. It is also quite obvious that I am certainly in the mood for Christmas:
I especially like the Christmas puddings, which is why I made two more that I can now wear as earrings. Last year I made gingerbread men, so my collection is starting to grow.
Three sets share a maritime theme and were especially fun to make. The mermaid set isn't new as such. The design is slightly different, but it is a set I made two or three times before, which was very popular. This time, the crab turned out rather huge! The fish have also been popular with knitters who also use them as charms and pendants. The octopuses are new, though. They are tiny and I really like how they turned out. Due to their size it was impossible to give them eight legs, so these are quintopuses, really. Quintopi? I like that. I will definitely make them again.
What to make next?


  1. Hallo Nadia,

    die sind ja echt süß.
    Die Lebkuchenmänner finde ich echt goldig. ;-)

    Liebe Grüße


  2. Mensch die sind ja alle supersüss geworden! Die Ohhringe wären auch für meine Beste was. Schade dass du so weit weg bist...