Friday, 14 September 2012

WIP: Ayartma Socks

One down, one to go!
I love the design of these socks. A Ravelry friend gave the pattern to me as a gift and I couldn't wait to start knitting. The original Ayartma pattern is written in German, but there is an English translation. However, I do urge you to knit using the original rather than the translation if you can because the English version has very basic mistakes in it. A number of stitches are mistranslated, which results in you knitting something completely different and wondering why you have the wrong stitch count all the time.

It was very frustrating knitting this first sock and I think I will stick to the original German pattern for the second one. None of the knitters using the German pattern had any issues at all whereas several foreign knitters did. The designer is aware of these issues, but does not seem to want to update the pattern or provide errata, sadly. Considering this is NOT a free pattern, it does not seem fair at all.

One of the nice things about these socks is that I get to use some of my hand-dyed yarn here. I used blue and turquoise in the hope of creating something that would remind me of the sea. It looks lovely and I am glad I used this yarn for these socks.

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