Saturday, 22 September 2012

Over 20,000 Views

It is amazing to think that over 20,000 different people have viewed my blog since its beginning in - let me check - 2008! Only a few months after teaching myself to knit, I was ready to blog about and made a start with Doctor Who, Doomsday in which I wrote about Rose's fingerless gloves. I still have them to this day and am still thinking about knitting a longer version at some point.

I have made a lot of progress since then and gone into directions I never even thought of at the time. Knitting never seemed daunting, so I knitted all sorts of stitch patterns I came across. Oddly, I was a bit nervous about learning to cable even though I had no trouble with lace, which I started early on. Also, socks weren't an issue and became one of my very first knitting projects ever. However, to this day I have only ever knitted one jumper - and that one hasn't even got proper sleeves, so I don't think it really counts.

As far as material is concerned, I made a great leap forward once I moved to the UK and had easier access to yarns. Having come from the countryside, it was impossible to find good yarn in my area and there was only one single yarn shop that couldn't even order in any products. Once firmly established in my new home in Bath, I very quickly developed into a bit of a yarn snob. No acrylics for me, thank you, not even as a blend. Of course this meant that I had to spend more on a single ball of yarn and buy less than before too, but the craft is worth it. I could feel the difference in the finished items.

But apart from a change in the actual yarns I used, I also met a bunch of new people with the same hobby. I joined a German knit club, then after my move I joined a local one in Bath. By now I don't go to either anymore, though I miss it. I also developed new skills: Helen from my local knit club spread the hand spinning virus and I soon found myself in possession of a learner's spindle and donated fluff. I went to my first wool festival, Fibre Fest, again with Helen, and it was a wonderful day. Even my trip to Wonderwool this year couldn't compare to it! 

At Fibre Fest I discovered drumcarding, which I would love to do at home too, but I have no space. One day I will own a drumcarder though and there will be no stopping me! My collection of spindles kept on growing - within reason - and I resisted the idea of a spinning wheel because I liked how hands-on the spindles were. Then something happened, I don't know quite what, and I spontaneously decided to buy a beautiful second-hand Ashford Traveller. I still love it and use it far more often than my spindles. Unfortunately this means that I get through my fibre stash far quicker than ever before too! The next step took me towards dyeing my own yarns and fibres and I am still trying to find the perfect dye with the best colour selection and an effective way of dyeing fibre that won't felt the product or leave it too pale.

Finally, this whole journey has led me to set up my shop AbsoKnittingLutely recently. Who knows where it will take me next. Wherever it may be, I am sure it will be wonderful.

Thank you for reading, all 20,000 of you!

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