Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Conundrum of Colour Combinations

I've been thinking about colour combinations lately. Since I started dyeing my own yarn, I have noticed that I seem to use similar colour combinations or end up with exactly the same thing without even realising. There are shades I like a lot more than others, of course, but I do think that this preference for certain colours might be keeping me from discovering really beautiful combinations that I might not even consider normally.

My problem is I like pretty much all colours. I am not particularly keen on brown or black when it comes to dyeing though I do have those two as acid dye samples at the moment. I've just never used them! To be honest, I am afraid I'll mess up a beautiful skein just because I put black or brown in with it.

Looking at my stash, the most common combinations are:


Do you have favourite colour combinations? Do you seem to use them more often than others? What do you think I should give a try? Let me know!

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