Thursday, 9 August 2012

Dyeing with Kool-Aid: An Experiment

I have been snobbishly looking down on dyeing with Kool-Aid since it wasn't conceived as a dye originally and it just seems wrong to use a drink to dye yarn. But recently a friend sent me four packets of Blastin' Berry Cherry and I got a hank of undyed sock yarn from someone else, so I thought it was the right time to give it a go. I was certainly not going to drink something that could be used as a dye!

Now I understand why so many like using Kool-Aid for this purpose: it's easy to use and you need nothing else but water. I dissolved a packet in 100 ml of water, poured a little of it in a dish and put the skein into it (I didn't open the skein first, but just left it as it was so that only some places would soak up the dye). I then opened the skein, twisted it again and repeated this process till all the liquid was used up.
I would like to try this method with other dyes, actually. I really like the effect you get and would imagine that using more than one colour can be very interesting. This skein is lovely. It does look a bit like I spilled blood all over it, but it also reminds me of the spaghetti ice cream that's so popular in Germany. (Oh, how I miss it!) That's why I'm calling this skein Spaghettieis.

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