Monday, 16 July 2012

Spinning from the Fold

I admire spinners who can easily spin long draw, making it look as if it were the simplest thing in the world. Sadly, I still haven’t mastered it, but will give it a proper go at some point, I’m sure. For the moment, however, I am practicing spinning from the fold on my tiny supported African bead spindle.
This technique was new to me until recently. While at Wonderwool in April, I bought 50g of seacell to try and work with. This fibre feels similar to silk and spinning it from the top was proving to be horrendously slow and tedious. After taking ages to spin up about half of the fibre, I decided to just try spinning from the fold instead. I did not have high hopes for it, I must say.

To my surprise, it was fairly simple. The drafting was easy, though I had to watch out and be careful not to suddenly end up with yarn that was too thick because I carelessly let the twist in too far. I had started spinning extremely fine singles, but then they started getting thicker because of the new technique. After a while this improved, I am glad to say, and the whole process is much faster now than spinning from the top ever was.

The good thing about having practiced spinning from the fold at this stage is that the prospect of finally spinning up that silk brick at the bottom of my stash seems like less of a challenge now. I won’t be spinning the silk on a spindle, though! 100g of it would take ages, I think. It will be an opportunity to practice spinning from the fold on my wheel and I am looking forward to it.

Finally, here is a Spindlicity video that shows the technique. It was very useful to me before I gave it a go myself.
For more information, click here to go to Abby Franquemont's Q&A and details about the technique.


  1. Your spindle is really pretty. Glad to hear you're getting the hang of it. I'm think of asking for a drop spindle for my birthday. I really want to learn how to spin. XD

  2. Do it, do it! :D It's fun and calming at the same time. And you get something nice to knit with at the end of it all too. I have to warn you though: it's addicting and you end you slipping deeper and deeper into all sorts of fibre related crafts. Terrible. ;)