Friday, 6 July 2012

How I Learned to Knit

Tawnee asked an interesting knitting question on her blog: what got you started? It got me thinking and I realised I never actually wrote about this on my own blog. So here is my answer as seen in Tawnee's comment section:

"It's always fascinating to read how others came to do the things they love.

I had wanted to learn to knit for quite a few years before I actually started. My mother and grandmother both used to knit a bit, but I hardly have any memory of it. I do remember my mother having a brief knitting phase in the early 1990s because I ended up with a nice warm scarf (black with colourful fringes) and a horrid cotton jumper that was incredibly heavy and just got longer and wider all the time.

It must have been around that time that I asked my mother to show me how to knit. She made me cast on and knit row after row. It didn't really work, I don't know why. So I never tried again until many years later, probably in the early 2000s, for no particular reason. Again, the result was the same and I couldn't get it right. My mother wasn't really keen on teaching me either so that was that.

Then another few years later I was right in the middle of writing my doctoral thesis and I was writing it day and night. I had moved to the country side with nothing to do, no car with which to get anywhere. I had loads of time on my hands and my head was dizzy with all the writing I was doing so I decided I needed something to balance it all out. For some reason that I no longer recall, I decided to teach myself to knit. I spent a while searching for knitting tutorials online and just gave it a go. Luckily, it worked! It's a bit awkward to have to admit that the internet was better at teaching me than my own mother was! But hey, I learned a new skill. And ever since that time I have been knitting, and I gradually expanded my skills to include spinning with drop spindles, supported spindles and now with a wheel too. I already have my eye on a drumcarder, but that will remain a dream till I have a place with more space for such things. I'm doomed."

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  1. I find learning one fiber thing is a slippery slope because you want to learn how to do more things. We are all doomed ;P. I loved reading you comment about how you got started it was really cool