Friday, 29 June 2012

Solar Dyeing

(Me, not as solar dyed as I used to be.)

I have only come across solar dyeing recently when a German lady on Ravelry posted a photo of a hank of yarn stuffed into a pickle jar with flowers and leaves. She leaves the jar in full sunlight for some hours while the wool takes on colour from the plants. The heat practically boils them, no need for a stove, microwave or oven. Of course it also works with acid dyes and whatever else you use.

This method fascinates me and, having read up on it a little bit, I would love to try it. Considering I live in the UK, it is very unlikely I will ever have enough sunlight for long enough to even give this a go. Last summer was pretty bad and this year isn't looking like much of an improvement either. Let's see if the weather improves so that I can give it a go. It sounds fascinating!


  1. That sounds kinda cool. I live in the midwest state side so I know about not having enough sun for too long... We can hope though huh?

  2. We must have hope! Once in a while there are those short really hot days, so that might help. Luckily, my first name means "hope" so I have a lot of it.