Sunday, 3 June 2012

Silk Appeal

I spent a little while searching the net for information on how to spin my silk brick that I got from Oliver's Twist at Wonderwool. I intend to try it on my wheel instead of a spindle this time. Since I have never spun pure silk before, I imagine it is going to be a challenge. It will also require me to attain a new skill: spinning from the fold. This seems to be the best way to spin from a silk brick. We'll see how that goes once I go ahead with it. I was surprised to read in that article that you should moisturise your hands beforehand to avoid snagging. It makes sense! Too bad it doesn't suggest what kind of moisturiser would be best - I don't like the idea of getting oils of any kind on the silk, to be honest, but there you go.

Also, I must remember to put something on my lap to prevent the little fibres to stick to everything. I had this happen to me a short while ago when I started handspinning my camel/silk fibres. Oh boy. So apparently it helps to have a silk scarf on your lap (or anything made from a simmilarly slippery material). Let's hope I remember to read my own blog post before I start on the silk brick so that I can take my own advice!

I've also come across this good lengthy article about silk that I will have to read again at leisure instead of simply scanning it quickly. While it didn't tell me how to spin from a silk brick, which was what I was looking for, it is good to know more about the material I'm using.

I am sure it is going to make for an interesting blog post once I get my teeth into this brick!

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