Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hue & Dye? Never Again!

I am really, really angry!

Not too long ago I spent some of the little money I have on Hue & Dye dyes that I first discovered at Wonderwool. So today I used them for the third time since I bought them and I am now convinced that it isn't me, my dyeing method or the fibre that's the problem: it's the dyes!

Whenever I use only Hue & Dye, the colours end up incredibly pale and washed out. It is frustrating! The colours never look anything near their photos on the website at all. I hate pastels and now I have a whole lot of pastels right here from today's four lots of dying. I tried a few different methods, fixed the dyes for longer, used different amounts of dye and fibre - no change. What on earth am I supposed to do with it now?

The fibre featured at the top of this post is only more brilliant because I mixed in some of my favourite Sewo Color dye to finish the little I had left. Of course, it all looks darker while in the water than it does now hanging out to dry. I am so disappointed!

Most of all, I am not sure what I am going to do with the dyes I have left since there is quite a bit of it still in the pots. I am just so glad I bought the smallest ones at 10g and no more. Next time I shall just have to shell out some more cash and order my German dyes instead.


  1. I hate when that happens. I despise pastel colors. Have you tried overdyeing?

  2. I might overdye the fibre depending on when I get new dyes. I don't really want to use Hue & Dye again at this point. However, if I hadve to wait too long, I may just spin it up and see what it looks like first. Then I can always overdye it as a finished skein.

  3. They do look nice in your pic above- it must be really annoying when they wash out, though. It's so annoying when you see the dye won't take.... I wonder if using some sort of mordant would help at all? Of course you shouldn't have to use it since it's meant to be a complete dye, but then you can get a bit more out of what you have left.

    1. The picture above shows fibre dyed with Hue & Dye mixed with another brand which gives better colour. It did grow paler once dry, but it is still a whole lot stronger than the fibre just dyed with Hue & Dye.

      In the meantime I have tried using far more vinegar than usual and the result is much improved. I shall blog about it soon.