Sunday, 17 June 2012

Estuary Shawl

A few days ago I finished my Staked socks (pictures to come) and I was itching to start knitting a shawl with my handspun Estuary yarn. I had bought the fibre from MandaCrafts at Wonderwool, 200g of it, and ended up with a roughly worsted weight n-plyed yarn. 
The Estuary shawl is based on the Judy & Nancy pattern, but I am thinking of making some alterations. I've been wanting to knit a shawl with a row of owls along the edge, so I may do that here. it is just hard to figure out exactly when to start. I have no idea how long the yarn will last and hope not to have to frog back or have loads left over when I'm done. A bit tricky.

The pattern is easily memorised and a pleasant knit. It is unusual for me to knit a shawl that is not entirely lacy though! However, I am hoping that this shawl will be ideal to wear indoors during the cold months - I do freeze a lot of the time. I wonder how large it will turn out to be in the end and how the pattern will come out once lightly blocked. Also, will I manage to get the owls into it properly? We shall see. Right now I am very much enjoying the look and feel of the yarn, and knitting the shawl is a pleasure.

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