Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Knitting, Honestly!

It may seem that I am so preoccupied with spinning that I have given up on knitting anything anytime soon. That's not entirely true! I have a few WIPs waiting to be finished, mainly shawls that will takes ages and require a lot of concentration. However, there is also a new pair of socks waiting to be completed and they are so squishy and pretty that they should really be worn without my feet ever touching the ground. 

These are Glenna C's Staked socks, originally knit with Indigodragonfly's merino sock yarn in the colourway "And Buffy staked Edward. The end." Love that name! My friend Wendy sent me this yarn in an equally awesome colourway called "TARDIS" (I can't imagine why!) and so it was clear I would have to knit these socks. 

I am still on sock number one, decreasing the gusset. It is a fun pattern to knit and hasn't caused me too much trouble yet. I have learnt to read the chart more carefully, however! It's happened often enough that I ended up knitting cables leaning in the wrong direction. And there are a LOT of cables. Nonetheless, the sock looks amazing and I can't wait to wear them! The cabling and ribbing pulls the socks together quite a bithe pattern isn't visible unless worn. The socks are very stretchy too, and as the name of the yarn indicates, these socks are indeed bigger on the inside.

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