Friday, 11 May 2012

Life After Wonderwool

Following Wonderwool, I have been spinning a little bit more of the seacell fibre I bought there, but more recently I started on the 200g of Falkland tops from Mandacrafts. The colourway is fittingly named Estuary and is starting to look lovely as singles. The brown in it is not usually something I would go for, but the combination of colours does look good. 

Yesterday and today I have also been able to try out some of the dyes I bought (and I have placed an order for more colours just in case). My first attempt involved some leftover sock yarn that I dyed with Sewo Color, a dye from Germany that I loved as soon as I saw the result. I don't think I can get it in the UK so I may have to place an international order someday. Those colours are just amazing!

Tonight's dyeing involved spinning fibre (100% BFL), which I have never dyed before. I didn't like it, the process is the same, but it is slightly more cumbersome because you have to be careful not to end up felting it by accident. Not sure I will do that again. At the moment the roving is drying so I will post pictures in my next entry. At the moment, however, I am a bit underwhelmed by the result.

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