Saturday, 28 April 2012

Berry Berry Nice

Mandacraft has certainly got my favourite spinning fibre in stunning colours. A little while ago I finished another 100g of Amanda's wonderful fluff, resulting in this gorgeous, glowing hank.

It feels amazingly soft because of the merino and silk in it, and I wished I had bought more of this colour to make a larger shawl from the yarn. (Luckily, I kept this in mind during my visit to Wonderwool today - more on that later.) 

Originally, I started this yarn on one of my spindles (also from Mandacraft), but since I am so much faster with a wheel, I changed to that instead. This resulted in a change of thickness in the yarn, unfortunately. It also did not help that I had left a long gap between spinning on the two, but the yarn should be fine when knitted up.

I am not sure what I will use this yarn for, but I am sure Ravelry holds the answer.

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