Friday, 30 March 2012

Spinning: Progress Report

Right, the new spinning wheel has been in use quite a bit by now and I have finished two whole skeins of yarn and am currently working on the third. A friend just sent me a whole parcel full of fibre to practice with and I can't wait to start with them!

I've already posted about the sage-coloured yarn I spun and here is the knitted result:

This is a birthday present for a dear friend of mine who definitely appreciates the skill involved in anything yarny, and I hope she also likes this shade of green. The shawl is fairly small, though much bigger than I expected. I used a basic triangular shawl pattern and added a bit of patterning when it got too boring. 

I liked the stitch definition before blocking and how alive the fabric looked due to my spinning:

After the sage yarn, I spun up some black merino for which I have no plans yet. The spinning is better than in the green yarn, but my plying needs to become a little more regular and I need to add more twist next time, I think. (Navajo plying is still a problem and just won't work for me so I need to practice that. My two handspun skeins are simple 2-plies.) The sage yarn is roughly a DK weight, but I haven't checked the black yet, though I assume it is the same.

Currently, I am spinning up a very fine micron Falkland tops from Mandacrafts (bought at Fibre Fest last year). It is so easy to spin and the colours are wonderful too. I have less than half the fibre left to spin, but then I think I might put it aside until I have mastered Navajo plying, just in case. I would like to keep the colour changes in the finished product. I do hope it won't take me too long to master it!

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