Friday, 23 March 2012

Spinning on the Wheel: Day 1

The most beautiful wheel in the world has now found a home at my place. Rosee sold it to me and threw in some more helpful goodies to get me started. I was so excited about it that I didn't sleep much at all the first night, but that didn't keep me from trying the wheel as soon as I got it. Rosee was so kind as to show me how to use it and after she left I gave it a go.

The start last evening was pretty wobbly for a few minutes and getting the wheel to turn in the right direction wasn't as easy as I had expected. Soon enough it wasn't a problem anymore and I could focus on simply drafting the fibre. By now I no longer have to concentrate as much during the whole process, so it is very relaxing to just sit and spin for ages. It is amazing how much faster I can now spin too - though the disadvantage is that I will need a whole lot more fibre much quicker than before! Oh dear. Wonderwool can't come soon enough.

The wheel needs some screws to be tightened up a bit, but other than that it is great. I shall fix this once the first bobbin is completely full and I can take it off the wheel. I've spun up about 50g of the fibre already and shall do a little bit more once I finish typing this. (Yes, I am very addicted. Could it have been any other way?)

I really did not think I would end up with a wheel so soon. Come to think of it, up until a month ago or so I wasn't ever going to get one because I love my spindles. Oh well. Things change, we progress, we get addicted to yarny stuff. I'm sure you know what I am talking about.

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