Friday, 23 March 2012

Plying on the Wheel: Day 1

Somehow, since spinning has always been a breeze for me whether on a spindle or spinning wheel, I assumed that plying would turn out to be just as easy on the wheel as it is on my spindles. Now I know better. 

Having spent a large part of the day spinning up the remaining green fibre, I have ended up with quite an ache in one leg from pushing the treadle. This did not stop me from plying it though. I have really been looking forward to plying navajo style on the wheel so that is what I set out to do. What a disaster! And it was all my fault. I was concentrating so hard on creating the loops that I completely forgot to turn the wheel in the right direction! Ah well. Instead of giving it another go, I opted for the easy way out and simply plied two singles together from my bobbins, and later from my Andean bracelet. 

I am disappointed. My plying does look like a beginner's. Luckily, that's what I am, but I wasn't expecting that, to be honest. Plying on a spindle was always really easy for me and the result looked perfectly even. On the wheel it is quite different and I will need to practice some more until I get it right. One bobbin is holding yarn that looks more tightly plied than the other, and on two occasions a single broke and you can tell. Also, it is easy to see the unevenness in the singles sometimes while that has never happened to me on a spindle. 

Once my leg no longer hurts (or I really can't stop myself, whichever comes first), I will give this a go again with some black fibre I was given along with the wheel. Let's see if I make any progress.

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