Sunday, 11 March 2012

Melly's Mystery KAL: Part 3

It's done! Five clues later, I have finished the first sock of a pair and am well on my way through the second too. Though I am not particularly keen on the shaft design, I do like the foot with its travelling cables that lead to the side cabling. In the end, I didn't bother with clue 5 (toe shaping) because it involved cutting out bits of the chart and arranging the cabling on it. Instead I made it easier on myself by simply continuing the cabling and decreasing as usual. In the end this is the same thing I would have had to do after cutting and pasting anyway.

To my surprise the sock fits very well all round. The sock yarn is strangely coarse though and I hope it will improve after a wash. I suspect that the amount of salt I put in with the dye affected how the yarn feels because it was much softer originally. I am looking forward to wearing these socks soon.

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