Saturday, 18 February 2012

What's Currently On My Spindles

1. Handcarded Corriedale batt: angelina, silk, sari silk, rayon thread (Laal Bear, Fibre Fest 2011)

2. Red Hot Chilli Pepper; Spin a Rainbow, space-dyed 18.5m merino/mulberry silk tops (MandaCrafts, Fibre Fest 2011)

3. 70/30 merino/silk plait (Krafty Koala, Fibre Fest 2011)


  1. Lovely spinning :) Any idea what you're going to make from them?

  2. Thanks!

    Not a clue yet. So far I haven't knitted up any of my spinning. I am sure the red-orange yarn will have to be something special though because of the vivid colours. I just love them! The blue yarns will probably be turned into shawls because they are quite thin. The red-orange is a heavier weight.