Friday, 17 February 2012

What Happens When You Learn to Knit on the Internet

My Ravelry friend Melly has gifted our German RAK group a sock pattern she designed and we are currently taking part in a KAL (feel free to purchase it an join us - the pattern is available in English and German). The above is the result of the first clue and I am using my hand-dyed sock yarn Raspberry Sorbet. This is my first KAL and quite exciting. Also, it is nice to be forced to pace oneself because the clues will only come once a week.

Something quite interesting happened after I finished knitting. I realised that I do not get twisted stitches if I knit through the back loop, as the pattern specified. It took a while to figure out, but it turns out that this is because I seem to pull the yarn through a stitch differently. While everyone else in the group seems to do this with the yarn being positioned under the right hand needle, I pull the yarn through with it lying on top of the right hand needle. This results in a normal knit stitch that is twisted while the ktbl stitch is untwisted.

As you can see from the picture, the ribbing sections next to the cables are untwisted where I used the ktbl stitch my way. I really didn't like it and my mentioning that was the reason we first of all noticed the difference in my way of knitting. So now I have frogged and reknit everything again to make sure it looks right. I wonder if anyone else knits my way. Maybe this is just what happens if you learn to knit from the internet instead of having someone with you "live" to teach you.


  1. This is quite interesting, I am just knitting twisted knit stitches. I am knitting them with the yarn under the needle. The other way appears to be more inconvenient.

  2. Hey babe -- so you're saying that when you wrapped the yarn around the needle to knit a stitch, you were wrapping it clockwise rather than counterclockwise? You are going to have so much fun seeing how your pieces come out from now on. Oh, and I just thought of the mitts you knit for Jasmine (Hands of Blue) -- that whole pattern was filled with ktbl twisted stitches. Wanna have another KAL with me and knit that pattern again? That would be so much fun! Love you, W