Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Swift Ballwinding

For Christmas last year I got a swift I had wanted for quite a while and it was only today that I had a chance to finally try it. With the swift and ballwinder all set up, it took mere minutes to create the perfect cake of yarn. (Here I used my newly dyed Confetti sock yarn.) I am very happy with the swift and am sure it will come in very handy for the many laceweight skeins I still have in my stash!

"Confetti" is utterly beautiful when wound like this and it makes me want to dye some more. I still have two skeins of sock yarn waiting for colour, so it shouldn't be long - particularly now that I have tried using the microwave to set the colours, which is so much faster. Perhaps there will be more news tomorrow.

"Muddy Goldfish", the unfortunate disaster skein, still does not look much better. I could overdye it, of course, but I have already put so much dye into it that I am reluctant to waste any more. It has a very natural shade, which appeals to a lot of people, but I prefer popping colours in my yarn. I wonder what I will make from this in the end?

Finally, I am still extremely happy with the microwaved skein whose colours are just stunning, in my opinion. I've called it "Just Like Me" - no idea why, but that's what came to mind when I tried to find a name. Never mess with the muse.

All wound into a cake it also looks beautiful and I will have to have a good hard think about what I will turn it into eventually. I have over 270 free sock patterns favourited on Ravelry so there is lots to choose from. Where do I even begin?

Ah yes, perhaps I ought to weigh the yarn as well because I have a sneaking suspicion none of these cakes are enough for a full pair of socks. Yikes!


  1. I like that muddy goldfish but it is not a colour for me, I am afraid ...

  2. Muddy Goldfish is my favorite of all! But then again I am a redhead and those autumn colors always make me drool.