Friday, 13 January 2012

Sock Yarn: Gemüsebeet

(Image: Pearandprose)
Dyeing has taken a serious hold of me and it is a pity that I only have one skein left to dye. My latest sock yarn turned into a veritable vegetable patch, or Gemüsebeet in German. The colour reminds me of aubergines or even red cabbage in a field.

This hank was also dyed in the microwave, but I had to do it twice because it ended up with too little colour and too large white spaces between the two shades. I don't like having any white in the yarn when I am dyeing, but it can't always be prevented, particularly when taking care not to mix the colours.

Once wound into a ball, the yarn already looks a whole lot better. I do wonder what it will be like once knitted up, whether the colour will pool, and how much of a pattern will be visible despite the colours. I've been looking up some sock patterns and realised that despite having over 200 to choose from, there are none that entirely appeal to me. I might just have to improvise a design again.

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