Thursday, 19 January 2012

So Much Spinning

My first whole skein of handspun yarn:

Spun on my cheap learner's spindle and started ages ago.

Ca. 150g fingering weight
2-ply (Andean ply)

I still need to wash the skein, but it already looks really good and a whole lot better than I expected it would. To make the skein, I used my brand new niddy noddy from Ashford that arrived today. I have yet to use the WPI tool I also got to check the yarn just to make sure.

As this yarn was a gift from Zimtschaf on Ravelry and she wasn't sure what fibre this was, all I know is that there is merino in it among other things. The fibre was really hard to work with and it was impossible to draw out sections to spiin one at a time. Instead, I had to wrap the entire length of the roving around my arm while spinning it and it felt rough to the touch. Surprisingly, it was easy to draw out a little fiber while spinning though.

I used my cheap learner's spindle that consists of nothing but a bit of a dowel rod and a wooden toy wheel, but it did a very good job. Now I can start on a new bag of fibre from Fiber Fest back in August and I am looking forward to trying the only one of my new drop spindles I haven't had a chance to use yet. I better practice on some not-so-dear roving first though: I realised that the spindle is heavier than others I have used and I have trouble working with it because I find it difficult to spin yarn thicker than fingering weight at the moment.

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